Sax Love Songs ~ Romantic Music and Videos
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The Saxophone and Love Songs belong together - Romantic Saxophone Love Songs has MP3 Audio Clips and Video Clips to help celebrate Love and the Human Spirit!

I can not believe Valentine's Day is already here again! I love this time of year! Enjoy some of my Love Song Music on Video and you can find all my music on Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes (and every other online Music Store in the world too!)

I am a Saxophone Player and a die hard romantic! I have recorded more love songs than anything else and even recorded a series of Love Songs for Time Life Music back in 1996 - Sax by Candlelight! 40 love songs on 4 CDs and a huge success in the United States selling millions of CDs and tracks. The music was released in a number of packages starting in 1997 - Sax by Moonlight, the Best of Sax by Candlelight, 2 piece, 3 piece and 4 piece box sets thru Delta Entertainment and more.

That is yesterday's news - today I have 6 CDs released as Greg Vail and many
Love Songs still fill my catalog. I also have a very active YouTube channel and guess what the big videos are for me on YouTube?? Yep! Love Songs - Romantic Saxophone clips!!

Sax Love Songs
dotcom will have all the love songs in 1 place. Romantic Videos, love song MP3's, and favorite artists in Love Songs with a list of the classics too check out too!

For now -
Sax By Candlelight Sound Clips are available on - listen to some samples there while we get the site all set up!

The Greg Vail Music CDs have a
CD Sample Page too with many Love Songs on each CD!

Romantic Love Song Videos
are in a video player on my YouTube Channel - gvSAXBOY and of course right here - Love Songs Video page! The Love Songs Audio MP3 page is still not loading right, but we will have Audio Music Players to listen to the Sax By Candlelight Music - once I get the bugs worked out and it works with 40 songs - like it is supposed too :)

See MORE Videos on the Video Page - here is a favorite on my YouTube --- :)

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